About RAW Haiti

RAW Haiti is a registered 501c3, Massachusetts-based, non-profit organization, established in 2012. RAW Haiti includes US- and Haiti-based team members. The goal of RAW Haiti team is to help Haitian youth to build competencies necessary to change the long-standing cycles of poverty (and corruption) that have undermined the wellbeing and health of people in Haiti for generations.

A broad range of supports are needed to address the multi-systemic issues in Haiti. Direct work with youth is a key aspect of RAW Haiti. Our Youth Development Coaches provide after school programs and activities. We target services for high-risk youth living in high-risk areas. We are able to go into the problem areas, because the RAW Haiti team are community members there.

The Youth Development Coaches run weekly classes that build each child’s sense of creativity, confidence, and leadership abilities. Creative programs such as yoga, dancing, and other forms of artistic expression help youth improve self-awareness, balance, and identity. RAW Haiti runs a youth soccer program in Port-a-Prince that offers boys and girls opportunities to learn team-work, physical mastery, fitness, and joy! RAW Haiti teach teaches a weekly English class to youths which fosters academic development and expanded world-view. The RAW Haiti coaches directly address leadership skills during all activities. The youth learn: stress management, respect for self and others, responsibility, and determination.

To reach the Haitian children, working with Haitian adults is necessary. The RAW Haiti team provides combinations of tangible supports (such as supplies, food, water, medical, dental care and youth programs), in combination with training and on-going mentoring to Haitian adults and children to create sustainable resources. The RAW Haiti team works directly with youth to teach effective strategies, organizational skills, information technology, business management, communication, and accountability allows for an intrinsic transfer of capacities from one generation to the next. Countless “outsiders” have failed—it is necessary to mobilize Haiti from within.

Board of Directors

Where We Work

Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince

Lizon, Port-au-Prince

Westport, Massachusetts

Community Helpers

Allen’s Neck Meeting House

Allen’s Neck Quaker Meeting has been an important supporter of Corey’s work in Haiti. The first day class and youth group continue to be involved in different projects connected with the children in Haiti. Allen’s Neck continues to run donation drives for important items needed along with monetary donations from the membership. This meeting has made her healthy programs with children possible.

Bayside Restaurant

Bayside Restaurant has been a strong supporter of Corey’s work in Haiti and continues to have Haiti Art Sales in the summer at their restaurant on the beach. They are also now selling Haitian Metal Art to help continuously fundraise for Corey’s work in Haiti. Additionally, Bayside will also be one of our sponsors for the Corey Gifford and Transparency for Haiti: Healthy Programs for Children Benefit on May 5th (donating all the appetizers).

Dartmouth Counsel on Aging

The women from the sewing group at the Dartmouth Counsel on Aging have been a huge help to Corey’s work in Haiti. They have been making backpacks for school children. Further, they have raised funds that have directly served to empower children through the programs Corey has designed and implemented in Haiti. Maria Rebero has been a wonderful partner in getting the community more mobilized towards Haiti relief work.