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News & Events

June 9- Manifestations

Today people got to the airport early and quickly with no issue. We spent the day in the guest house working on projects, on the edge of the city. By the end of the day, reports were bad of looting in the streets in Downtown. June 10th continued the same. [...]

June 8- Cite Soleil

Today was the first volunteer trip to visit the Cite Soleil program! This morning the streets were quiet and safe so we were able to travel safely. We had an amazing time with the kids with English class, singing, dancing, and snack. After we were able to walk to where [...]

June 7- Haiti Update

June 7, 2017 did not go as expected in any way! That's how it is in Haiti, at times. There were many issues in the streets, transportation problems, and huge traffic. We were warned by a friend at Marassa that demonstrations were coming on Sunday June 9th. Some how we [...]

June 6, 2019 Update

Volunteer team trip June 6, led by Dr. Gifford and Alesia, Marco, and Kelly are joined us! On the trip many things happened: The Engineer team from UMass Lowell will join us to water test the land. The team will decide a final location for the septic together. They will [...]

May 2019 Update

Preparation is underway for the director funded family guest house foundation to start mid month. Gama Fredrick, Architect, is designing our compound Probono! Thank you! Check it out- The store is having the shelves put in and bathroom finished by the end of the month.