Supplies Needed and Shipping Programs

RAW Haiti purchases and collects supplies for our programs and ships them to Haiti several times a year. Physical supply donations are being contributed from the New England area, where RAW Haiti is headquartered. Boxes are shipped with requested supplies for the youth programs. Donations of supplies from our American communities are always needed! Materials can be shipped from Boston, New York, and Miami. RAW Haiti will focus on our continued efforts in Cite Soleil, Haiti. This year supplies are being shipped directly to the guest house in Haiti so that the RAW Haiti team could disseminate the materials as needed.

Most Important Supplies Needed: New and USED is good!

  • Soccer: 
    Current FIFA Rule Books (French if possible), CLEATS, sneakers, shin guards, socks, athletic shorts of all kinds, soccer trophies, cones, goalkeeper gloves, uniforms, and first aid supplies.

  • Yoga: 
    Yoga mats, comfortable breathable athletic clothing, yoga blocks, and yoga belts.

  • Recreation: 
    Backpacks, T-shirts for programs, Hard plastic cups/plates/bowls, towels, Softball gloves, and Work gloves.

  • Art: 
    All art supplies, especially colored paper, flower origami paper, paint brushes, scissors, and acrylic paints.

  • Sandal making: 
    A shoe machine, strap material, top soles, midsoles, bottom soles, oblong punch for toe strap, Osborne thronging chisel, Osborne cutting pad or novolene chopping block, leather scissors, maul, silver gel pen, beveling tool, small-head hammer if nailing soles together, wing dividers, utility knife, skiver (safety beveller), safety glass or marble to skive on, rotary punch, mini anvil, rotary cutter, ruler and cutting pad, piece of steel rod/ flat ends for setting and flattening rivets, belt sander, buffing wheel. Strong gloves and strong craft thread.

  • Music:
    In order for the current dance program to evolve into a more substantial musical program, a plethora of supplies are needed. The youth programs need keyboards, computers, drums, flutes, instruments, dance uniforms, microphones, speakers, and radios. Songs are utilized throughout programing, because singing can bring strength. Haitians loves singing gospel, Compa and American music. Donating digital or other music helps also.

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