Volunteer Program: Haiti and US (In Person and Remote)

Come Join our volunteer team! We are 100% volunteer on the US side of the organization. Our volunteers have always been essential within our nonprofit work. Please fill out an application and send to Corey. Please explore this site and contact us for more information.

Volunteer Application

Training Program

Training is the most effective way that US RAW Haiti volunteers can leave their knowledge and skills in Haiti. Training focuses on teaching youth development coaches in areas of need: computer skills, time management, professionalism, leadership, sales, team building, quality assurance, working with children, international business, networking, grant writing, documentation, leadership skills, yoga, mindfulness, cultural competency, and many other helpful learning areas.

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Volunteer on a trip to Haiti

RAW Haiti takes many different types of professionals to volunteer in Haiti. We are always looking for psychologists, doctors, nurses, contractors, teachers, business people, and students to join us on our on the ground work in Haiti. We run a family guest house in Lizon, Bon Repos, PAP for volunteer teams and work with the children from Cite Soleil.

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US Volunteers

Within the US, RAW Haiti works with volunteers from different universities and professionals wanting to help. Much of this volunteer work involved can be done remotely, including administrative help, web design, photo correction, networking, fundraising, video editing, graphic design, wellness programing, communications, social media, writing, editing, and more.

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US Outreach and Education

Since Dr. Corey Gifford, the president of RAW Haiti, started her work in Haiti in 2010, she has been doing outreach within the United States. At times presenting to adult audiences from churches, senior centers, university classes, and welcomes any setting while individualizing the program to the audience.

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