Training Program

Training is the most effective way that US RAW Haiti volunteers can leave their knowledge and skills in Haiti. Training focuses on teaching youth development coaches in areas of need: computer skills, time management, professionalism, leadership, sales, team building, quality assurance, working with children, international business, networking, grant writing, documentation, leadership skills, yoga, mindfulness, cultural competency, and many other helpful learning areas. Providing continued training to youth development coaches enables for the youth programs to grow and to transfer the knowledge to the children in RAW Haiti programming.

Documentation is a major problem in Haiti. RAW Haiti focuses on training staff and partners on appropriate non-profit documentation and business practices to ensure positive collaboration. RAW Haiti teachers and staff fill out monthly time sheets, provide monthly reports, appropriate forms as needed, and attend monthly staff meetings where US Directors are available via online communication.

The level of communication and documentation required to run a successful US nonprofit is foreign to many of our partners in Haiti. RAW Haiti has helped to implement positive relationships through best business practices and supportive coaching. Most notably, donated laptops to the RAW Haiti team. We are currently seeking additional donations of laptops for the team of youth development coaches and artists.

RAW Haiti works toward a very collaborative team dynamic and long term sustainability through education and empowerment, rather than charity. The goal of long-term sustainability and the mission is to empower to a point where eventually assistance would not be needed to a much lesser degree. The directors and volunteers host trainings and critical thinking discussions with the Haitian team and artists every visit. When the American team is not present the Haitian team and artists are still encouraged to meet frequently and report back with their findings and discussions. Every day application is an important factor of the trainings.

Budgeting, professionalism, networking, and business planning have been the base of many trainings. It is also encouraged for those leading the trainings to factor in social and cultural differences – understanding that tactics that are applicable in the United States may not work as well in Haiti and vice versa. These trainings are open discussions that the US and Haitian team and artists have often. Open, healthy, ethical, and transparent business practices are always being trained at different levels in different ways.

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