Today was the first volunteer trip to visit the Cite Soleil program! This morning the streets were quiet and safe so we were able to travel safely. We had an amazing time with the kids with English class, singing, dancing, and snack. After we were able to walk to where the old soccer field was by the water in Cite Soleil, because we had many coaches with us and things were calm there today. This is were we took these photos.

By the afternoon, the team was spent from the heat. Josue and Corey went to manage construction problems at Lizon, which took far to long to fix. There was an energy in the streets of people rushing for what they needed. We had to go to the big supermarket for ice and people were frantic and there were long lines. We had stocked up on the essentials that morning, extra rice and beans. What if demonstrations tomorrow lasted weeks with everything shut down again?  On the way home we passed burning tires in the street as it was getting dark. We got home safe extremely alerted and Corey locked everyone in the compound for the night and took the keys. We made a strong plan to take Alesia and Marco to the airport early while the streets were empty and got there quick. Corey and Kelly wanted to stick out the issues working from the guest house over the next few days.

Today was tough for our team to fully process what they saw, but we tried to start processing it later while joking by solar lights.