Metal Art Program

The RAW Haiti Metal Art Program aims to increase the capacity of local artists to reach international markets while sharing the beauty and pride of Haitian artwork. The metal artisans live in a village among other artists who have been making metal sculptures for generations. These particular artists were selected because they are passionate and aspiring. There are about four men working together in their shop. Each artist brings his own special skills to create each piece.

Sculptures start with a recycled drum. Every step is done by hand, starting with disassembling the steel drum and drawing the design on the raw metal. It is then carefully cut by hammer, shaped, polished, painted, and sealed to create a beautiful sculpture. Custom pieces are available and amazing.

This fundraising program helps the metal artists by purchasing large amounts of their art work. Remaining proceeds go directly to RAW Haiti Youth Development Programs for Children in Haiti.

RAW Haiti is always focused on having positive and collaborative non-profit business dealings. Both branches of the organization focus on the development of Haiti youth. The metal artists are proud that the profits that RAW Haiti obtains from the trading branch goes to supporting the youth programs in Haiti. The artists are also proud that their business helps them, their families, and people in their community through their growth in business over time.


Doudy Louis

Doudy has been a metal artist collaborating with RAW Haiti for over 7 years. The art is beautiful and custom pieces are amazing when ordered.

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Jhonson Buisson

Jhonson has been a metal artist collaborating with RAW Haiti for over 7 years. He recently was in a very bad car accident and we are very lucky that he has his life!

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Yvesrobert Buisson

Yvesrobert has been a metal artist collaborating with RAW Haiti for over 7 years. “We have had a long relationship and have become good friends. RAW Haiti has changed many things for my family and life.”

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Remy Marckenson

Remy has been a metal artist collaborating with RAW Haiti for over 7 years.

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How the Art is Made

First Draw the Design

Hammer out the Design

Hammer Every Detail

Sand Metal

Brush Bright

Add Lacquer

Metal Art Store

Our Online Haitian metal art store will be coming in the near future.