Raw Haiti Youth Development Programs

RAW Haiti works to mobilize all possibilities that live in these children’s dreams AND give them the experiences to build the tangible/intangible skills to do the seemingly impossible. As each coach connects with a youth and creates shared enrichment activities, it cultivates new beginnings- plants a seed that can evolve into sustained growth and change. Instead of internalizing hopelessness and demoralization, the RAW Haiti youth are given building blocks to stand on and climb from. Each art project, dance, yoga pose, group discussion, and soccer pass makes a difference- it builds recovery and wellness.

Artistic expression is an essential part of Haitian culture.
They are ways that resilience, strength, and hope flow in peoples’ lives—young and old. Living in abject poverty within a society rife with corruption is obviously challenging. RAW Haiti works to address short-term issues related to stress management and the long-term goals of empowering children to thrive as productive Haitian citizens. Changing pervasive, oppressive patterns can appear unsurmountable—so incremental steps, generated from within Haiti community is necessary.



The RAW Haiti Soccer Program is called New Generations Recreation and provides soccer practices for about 150 children in in Cite Soleil, one of the most dangerous and impoverished communities in Haiti.

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Art, Music and Dance

RAW Haiti’s youth development coaches work weekly at our Cite Soleil site on Saturday mornings providing children with a class of each English, art, and dance.

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The English program at Cite Soleil Haiti teaches 50 children that focus on writing and reading English once a week.

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Within RAW Haiti’s Youth Development Programs, coaches lead discussions with children surrounding peace and respect.

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Youth Development Coaches

During programming coaches teach life lessons, public speaking, positive thinking, discipline, good behavior, wellness, communication and many other skills.

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Team Building

Team Building has always been important to our collaborative team approaches with youth. This connects closely with our leadership focuses with students in Haiti.

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Yoga is infused throughout the soccer and youth programing. Breathing, meditation, and yoga are incorporated as holistic approaches in all classes.

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