Soccer Program at Cité Soleil

The RAW Haiti Soccer Program is called New Generations Recreation and provides soccer practices for about 150 children in in Cité Soleil (“city sun” as we say), one of the most dangerous and impoverished communities in Haiti. The soccer program engages these youths in positive activities that are healthy alternatives to gang involvement that often entraps the young people of Haiti in Cité Soleil. American volunteers are starting to visit this location due to the safety improvements recently. All can join together easily at a community field in La Plane, nearby.

We are very proud to have girls soccer!  –  Girls teams are rare in Haiti

The soccer youth are required to have some classroom time learning about leadership and different areas to help them be successful.

Boys and Girls Soccer Teams

The older boys have once weekly trainings (more than 55 youth ages 12-14 and ages 15-18 practice on Saturday afternoons). In January of 2016, coaches also started a Monday weekly soccer practice for 30+ younger boys (ages 7-11). Starting in April 2016, the coaches started a girls’ team for the first time (65+ girls ages 12-15 and 7-11). RAW Haiti provides water and coaches for this program. The cost to RAW Haiti for water is $75 / month currently. RAW Haiti has partnered with some American soccer organizations that donated soccer balls, cleats, uniforms and other equipment. It is the first time for many of our kids to have any equipment at all while playing soccer. Currently, we are in great need of continued donations of soccer equipment, especially cleats and shin guards.

Dreams Came True about a Yearly Soccer Tournaments!

 RAW Haiti coaches started a soccer tournament in Haiti in January of 2017. The tournament in January 2018 was better than the first and promoted good sportsmanship and teamwork. Sponsors ($600 for water and food) and supplies are needed for 2020 RAW Haiti Soccer Tournament!!

Sponsor a Tournament

Need Areas for Sponsorship Donations

  • Supplies: Continued equipment donations are essential for youth programming to continue.

  • Sponsor a Coach: To keep the programs going, please sponsor a coach for $50, 100, or $300 a month depending on their hours.

  • Transportation: The soccer team needs sponsorship for transportation to a safer community field in La Plane for practice. Taking 4 weekly practices for the 150 kids to the grass field will cost approximately $250 a month.

  • Snack Program: A snack program is also needed for these youth teams for $100 a month, which is not currently possible.

  • Water Program: To provide clean drinking water for all current youth programs is about $75 a month.

  • Field: RAW Haiti would also like to raise $600 to build a roof in January 2020 for shade at the soccer field in La Plane to further community efforts and collaborations.

  • 2020 Tournament: Additionally, $600 is needed to sponsor the Jan 2020 soccer tournament to pay for drinking water and food.

  • Outdoor Classroom: We need help raising about $3,000 to build a 45x15ft floor and roof for an open air classroom space.

Become a sponsor