The Skills System and RAW Haiti Collaboration

The Skills System has been a supporter of RAW Haiti and youth programming. The Skills System is a social Entrepreneurship that has agree to focus its non-profit support on RAW Haiti. This collaboration shares an important focus on increasing skills and mental health supports for those in need. The Skills System has agreed to rebuild the RAW Haiti website to increase awareness of the important non-profit work with youth in Haiti.

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Gamaliel E. Frederick, Master of Architecture

Gama just made beautiful architectural designs for RAW Haiti pro-bono for the Lizon Compound. This was a huge donation and we can not thank him enough!

102 Pembroke St., Boston MA 02118
Phone: 617-396-1873

UMass Lowell Engineering Team

Morris + DeLuzio
Branding, Print & Web Design

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Dartmouth Sowing Ladies