Remy Marckenson

A Message from the Artist:
Remy was born in the metal art village on April 8, 1983. He was 10 years old when he first started practicing to make metal art. His first piece he ever made was a small tree. He loves to make trees, because they are alive, filled with oxygen, and life. Romel Balan also taught him to work with the metal. When he was a teenager, he did not have the money to continue school, but the metal art village work helped him progress. Now he is married and has a new baby. He helps his family and other people. For example, he pays for his sister’s school and everything for the family house. He also tries to help many people in the community that ask him for help. He continues to check on his people, all the time.

People love Remy’s art due to the quality and beauty. He is also quiet, honest, well disciplined, and completes his work well. He likes to work with RAW Haiti, because they have helped him, his family, and in turn everyone around him. Art has helped Remy and his family survive.

Shop Address:
Route Village Artistiques Noailles entrée Remy #80 Croix-des-Bouquets, Haïti.

Phone number:
(509) 3608-5161


Art Available in the US through RAW Haiti:
Contact Corey at or 774-526-8323 to order (Shipping not included)