Coaches Provide In-Life Supports for Youth

During programming coaches teach life lessons, public speaking, positive thinking, discipline, good behavior, wellness, communication and many other skills. RAW Haiti tries to spread learning and support whenever accessible.

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Josue Joseph
Josue JosephRAW Haiti Assistant Director, Translator, and Soccer Coach
My name is Josue Joseph. I am 28 years old and the Assistant Director of RAW Haiti along with directing all of the Haiti operations, year round. I am also the head of soccer and English youth programs. My dream is to become a wonderful translator, where I can translate from French to English to Spanish and so on.

I love the work that I’m doing for RAW Haiti and the Cite Soleil kids (Port-au-Prince, Haiti), helping children manage their stress and develop their ambitions. I lead by example and strive to teach all the children to be great leaders. My dream is also to see kids that I’m teaching to leave the situation that they are now, living in Citi Soleil. I would love to see them doing some thing that can help raise money for them, their family and their community.

PLEASE help us raise money to keep our year round programs going in Haiti. All of the coaches need the support from others to help the 150 children we work with in Cite Soleil!

Please sponsor a part-time coach for $50-100 a month ! This will help our youth and programs in great ways !

Smoy Damas
Smoy DamasAssistant Director of Safety
My name is Smoy Damas and I am the art teacher and assistant director of safety for RAW Haiti. I graduated high school and I am a plumber. My dream is to become an electrical engineer in the future. I am from Les Cayes about 5 hours south west of PAP. Currently, I live in Santo 22, Croix-Des-Bouquets at the RAW Haiti guest house.

As an art teacher, I am working with about 50 children between 5 and 18 years old in Cité Soleil. I teach the older children how to make sandals and bracelets. With the younger children we do projects like coloring books and photo frames. I also teach them about leadership; for example, professionalism, integrity, excellence, respect, stress management, responsibility and motivation. I want them to be pro-active, determined, and be peace makers in their community.

After the earthquake there was a lot of children traumatized. I wanted to help the children but I did not know where to start. In 2013, I found RAW Haiti and that helped me realize my dream to help the children to develop their creativity so they can discover their strength. My goal is to create an art shop, so the children can make different things to sell. Then they can use the money for school supplies; for example, shoes, books, notebooks, and uniforms. (RAW will start space for this in 2019)

We need help with art supplies please! For example: all art supplies, scissors, colored paper, a shoe machine, strap material, top soles, midsoles, bottom soles, oblong punch for toe strap, Osborne thronging chisel, Osborne cutting pad or novolene chopping block, leather scissors, maul, silver gel pen, beveling tool, small-head hammer if nailing soles together, wing dividers, utility knife, skiver (safety beveler), safety glass or marble to skive on, rotary punch, mini anvil, rotary cutter, ruler and cutting pad, piece of steel rod/ flat ends for setting and flattening rivets, belt sander, buffing wheel. Strong gloves and strong craft thread.

Please help us to continue our program and thank you for thinking of the children!

Robens Joseph
Robens Joseph RAW Transportation and Dance/Music Teacher
My name is Robens (Wobens) Joseph. I am a teacher and driver with RAW Haiti. Born in a Christian family in march 15, 1989 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I play keyboard and am working on my dream of learning English and RAW Haiti is helping me attend English classes. I am starting to go to school to become a mechanic. As the team driver, I’m responsible for all team transportation in Haiti.

I am a teacher with RAW Haiti and I am working with 60 children, both girls and boys of different ages with song and dance. These two activities help the children develop their creative mind and discover their hidden talents. I also teach the children goal setting, good morals, respect, stress management and professionalism. This helps them be more organized in their life. My goal is to help the children build more success. I would like to have our own gospel group in the future. My dream for RAW Haiti is stability first and then have a house with a better place for the children, a soccer field, and a bus for transportation for when the children have competitions.

We need financial and supply help for our program to continue and for the children to always have smiles on their faces. We need: Radios, microphones, speakers, keyboard pianos, instruments, dance uniforms and all kind of equipment for dancing and singing. I hope someone will choose to sponsor me again for English classes next year.

Thank you so much for the support you will give the children and God will bless you!

Odieu Belizaire
Odieu BelizaireSoccer Coach
My name is Odieu Belizaire and I am a soccer coach and teacher of leadership for RAW Haiti and New Generation Soccer Academy since 2015. I live in Cité Soleil with my family. I have not been able to finish school yet and that is a future goal of mine. I would love to have more opportunities to help my family and community, like RAW Haiti does for the children.

As a soccer coach, I am working with 80 children from 6 to 15 years old both with girls and boys in Cité Soleil. I am coaching to children how to play soccer, to be good leaders, professionals, manage their stress, to respect people property, and keep the neighborhood clean.

My goals are to play competitions nationally and international, so the children can be more serious and trust themselves. I would like to see the children play soccer for the national Haiti team and the many clubs around the world. I want them to be successful in their life, so they can help Haiti in the future.

RAW Haiti is a non-profit organization, that helps people especially the children at Cité Soleil with stress management. I would like it to become a big organization like many others around the world and have a youth center of psychology in each zone of Haiti.
We need equipment for the youth program: Soccer balls, athletics, shorts, socks, sneakers, cones and transportation.

We need your help to continue our program, please think about the children at Cité Soleil, thank you so much!

Mackenson Sénatus
Mackenson SénatusCoach
My name is Mackenson Sénatus and I am from Jeremie very far from PAP. I am 27 years old and live at City Sun with my friend. I am single and have no opportunity to go to school currently. I pray so that RAW Haiti becomes a big organization so through it I can go to a literacy school. RAW Haiti will help me find a literacy course and I need sponsorship. I would also like to get a license to drive and be a mechanic. This way I could have my own Garage to give jobs to the unemployed and help my country develop.

My objective is to manage the children well, because the children need help being prepared mentally and physically for soccer. My dream for RAW Haiti is to become a big organization in the country to find a good way to provide food to those children seeing the nutrition in Haiti. We would like our team to have their own youth center and have soccer fields, basketball, and other activities and needed services like a Medical center for Psychology and Body to take care all kids that have no one to help.

I would like to have complete equipment for soccer for the team and players. We really need lots of materials for soccer, for example: cleats, socks, shorts and cones.

Please help our Cité Soleil children because they are the future of Haiti!

Dickson Bien-aimé
Dickson Bien-aiméCoach
My name is Dickson Bien-Aimé and I am a soccer coach and yoga teacher with RAW Haiti. I was born in September 14, 1984, and live in Cité Soleil. I am God’s servant.

As a goalkeeper coach, I am working with children at Cité Soleil, to be better goalkeepers. I also teach the children yoga, because this is helpful in their life. The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a more peaceful body and mind, the yoga also helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps them more relaxed. It also helps increase flexibility, which is important for sports. I teach the children leadership: good sportsmanship, communication, being a peace maker, positive thinking, taking action, being a dream maker and optimism.

My goal is to see the children feel comfortably in their mind and body, find peace and love in their community, and become a professional who is responsible for their life and country.

We need help with the art of practicing yoga and goalkeeper supplies, the children need: yoga mats, comfortable breathable athletic clothing, yoga blocks, yoga belts, towels and other accessories for yoga. For the goalkeeper, we need: gloves, cones and first aid supplies.

Please help to keep the children healthy at Cité Soleil, there are the future of Haiti. Thank you so much for the support you will give them!

Ladouceur Jackson (Richard)
Ladouceur Jackson (Richard)Coach
My Name is Jackson LADOUCEUR, but everyone calls be Richard. I am a soccer coach in New Generation Soccer Academy and teacher with RAW Haiti. Born in January 24, 1994, I am from Jérémie and live at Cité Soleil. I am Christian and still in school. My dream is to be a lawyer.

I am working with the RAW Haiti little girls in U8, U9 and U10; and medium boys in U10, U11, U12 and U13. I also teach the children about leadership and respect of all people. I coach the children how to play soccer and I teach them the reason we play is to decrease stress.

My goal is to see the children plays soccer in the Caribbean champion’s league and in Latin America. I would like if they had access to play in other countries. I would like RAW Haiti to have an opportunity to build a center of sports in Haiti, where we have a soccer field, basketball, tennis, yoga, and a center of medical help the children stay healthy with their mind and body.

We need your support with getting more cones, books about sports, soccer balls, shorts, socks, sneakers, athletic materials, and all others supplies for sports for our program at Cité Soleil.

I wish God will send people to help our program continue and thank you so much for thinking of the children!

Kattiana Saint-Vil
Kattiana Saint-VilCoach
My name is Kattiana Saint-Vil, I am the Godmother of the new generation soccer academy (NGSAC). I was born January 13, 1992, in Port-au-Prince. My dream is to become a Cosmetologist and have my own salon.

As the godmother, I work with the children at Cite Soleil. I am responsible for the laundry for the soccer team after they play competitions and trainings. I also cook for the players before they have competitions and for RAW Haiti volunteer teams.

I also teach to children at Cite Soleil how to stay positive, keep our community clean, and be disciplined. I would like RAW Haiti to become a bigger organization and recognized in the world and succeed in our work with God’s help. I believe RAW Haiti will succeed in that dream, because they are starting already to help the children at Cite Soleil.

We need help with: T-shirts for the youth programs

Please help the children at Cite Soleil, because they are the future for Haiti!