Yvesrobert Buisson

A Message from the Artist:
Yvesrobert (brothers with Jhonson) was born on February 2, 1987 in the metal artist village. He has been working as a metal artist since the age of 15 years old. His first piece of work was a little tree. He learned to make art from his cousin Romel Balan. He now lives in the village with his family: brother Jhonson, son, mother, sister, nieces, nephews, and grandmother. They all depend on Yvesrobert and Jhonson to provide for them. When they get large orders, they are also able to help many other artists by giving them work. At times he helps 10 other artists and then in turn their families. In Haiti, many times 1 person supports a whole family, because work is limited.

Yvesrobert’s art is beautiful and can help many people. He loves to make mermaids, trees, and geckos. He takes his time and focuses on great detail and textures in the metal. He loves to meet and work with new people. Please order if you are looking for beautiful art!

Shop Address:
Route Village Artistiques Noailles entrée Remy #81 Croix-des-Bouquets, Haïti.

Phone number:
(509) 3601-8352


Art Available in the US through RAW Haiti Contact:
Corey at coreygifford1@gmail.com or 774-526-8323 to order (Shipping not included)