Shipping 7 extra large boxes and 2 barrels full of Donated Supplies: $700

Construction Needs

  • $500 for new wooden staircase at the orphanage that is extremely unsafe.
  • $1000 for a new roof built for the stage at the soccer field that allows our kids to play there for free
  • Funds to help RAW Haiti Staff, Smoy Damas’s family to rebuild after the storm devastated in Les Cayes, part of the country affected the most.

Medical: $500+ needed for medical treatment for the children at the Damabiah Orphanage

1st Soccer Tournament: $500 (for water, snacks, transportation… for 120 children) + Equipment needed (Goalie Gloves, Cleats, Shin Guards, Socks, Soccer Balls…)

Dental: $250 needed for a dental clinic for children at Damabiah Orphanage

Snack/Food Program: $800+ needed

Drinking Water: Needed for kids at Damabiah!: $600++

Sponsoring Teachers: $800++

Sponsor a program