Today people got to the airport early and quickly with no issue. We spent the day in the guest house working on projects, on the edge of the city. By the end of the day, reports were bad of looting in the streets in Downtown. June 10th continued the same. We made all team members stay home for safety. We prepared the store inventory at the house and frustration was growing high. By afternoon, Corey and Josue had to go by moto to Lizon to keep persisting on solving the issues at the construction site. The streets were silent and barely anyone in our area. Only groups of moto guys on the streets were ready to transport people.

The moto guys- are they part of the demonstration? That could explain how tires burning in the streets happen in far off areas? That night the Santo leader came of the radio stating that no cars are allowed on the street tomorrow and it was disrespectful that some were in operation today. He stated that the moto guys made the demonstration make sense.

June 11: We all went by moto with our team to Lizon to have a huge meeting with the construction bosses- to finish resolving problems. Corey went to the airport after by moto with Josue and second moto with 2 security guards. Everything was safe! This was the same, but a little better on June 13 when Kelly went to the airport.